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Obeikan Publishing: Since it was founded in 1995, Obeikan Publishing has aimed to help develop cultural understanding and support education. We have issued more than two thousand publications, and have grown to become a major publisher in the Arab world. We have achieved our success as a result of strong relationships with leading global publishers, and the active cooperation of almost six hundred authors and many translators from around the region. A great deal of attention is paid to the quality of paper used and design and printing of our books. At a regional level, we have forged partnerships with major organizations, as well as educational and cultural institutions to become a vital source of knowledge in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the wider Arab world. Today, we have major programs for co-publishing aimed at enriching educational activity and instruction. On becoming part of Obeikan Education in 2007, we expanded the scope of our publishing, particularly for books translated from other languages- an important factor in the revolution of contemporary knowledge. In this way we strive to build bridges between the Arab world and the West.
Publishing Manager
Mohammed Abdullah Alfriah
Tel: +966 1 4808654 Ext. 275
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Head of Commercial Pub
Saria Alkhateeb
Tel: +966 1 4808654 Ext. 281
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Copyright Officer
Dablu AlguRam Jaiswal
Tel: +966 1 4808654 Ext 272
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E-Content & Marketing Manager
Mouhammed Alrakhtawan
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