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Title :  You're on the right set forth


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Human beings are born on instinct, then racked by ideological conflicts, and sometimes besieged by questions about the internal and external # malate this presence and its secrets, particularly the # issue of the existence of God, and the unseen, and the heavenly books, and the prophets, and fate, and good and evil, and death, and heaven and fire, and the mysteries of time and space, and so on of the laws of the major presence that can not be absorbed by the human mind unless it is due to the revelation, standing in all sincerity and courage on the platform (servitude to God) by which smooths all the best, he will be safe from all evil, and settles with him all the ambiguity, that faith in God and surrender absolute him requires the exclusion of all forms of ingratitude and arrogance and evoke the fact that the absolute human weakness before the perfection of God absolute strength and ability to all, he is the Lord God, the one who (is not nothing like him) [Shura: 11], and the (humanized) God, and (apotheosis) Rights are a sin cosmic deflection ideological seriously resulting in uncertainty that leads to infidelity and atheism and dumping the victim in the mud whispering and wandering and despair of all, look at the presence melancholy look leads to frustration accumulated inside the souls terrified of Malate presence on the one hand, and promoting superstition on mind the expense of the other. How will the director of the (hell) to loneliness (Commission) peace of mind? And salvation (the doubt) to (certainty)? And (horror) to the (security)? And (mystery) to (clarity)? Where would be a safe haven from all the existential danger, deliverance from all evil, and to investigate all the best in this life and after death, after he realized the creature that does not have the same hurt nor useful nor death nor life, nor resurrection, and that it's all God, and it does not shelter him However, it ... that's what touches him the book: (You're on the right set forth) [ant: 79] in some detail, backed of examples and references from documented sources, modulated with the positions of the human mind from these norms existentialism through human history since the era BC, even our time.

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